Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Running out of Excuses

Don't know if I will have the computer long enough to make this a real post, but I've neglected this blog for too long, and have something to get down.

I attended a writing workshop this past weekend, actually signed up and went. I had no idea what to expect, loved the entire experience, met and worked with some wonderful writers, and am still mulling over something very important that I learned, which I can only sum up as, "Tell it like it is." Not as I see it, or interpret it, but as it is. Seems like common sense, but there's something key there that I was missing, and I've been walking around with that "Eureka!" feeling ever since.

There's a brick missing from the wall. I know it's there, because words are leaking in. I'm searching for the hole, but I don't know if it's because my subconscious wants to plug it, or peer through.

Okay, that's it, time's up. Back to pen and notebook!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Transferring posts from A Wren's Nest

I'm bringing over some posts from an older blog of mine at LiteralMinded. They aren't new, so I'll probably date them as they were, but they'll all be under the Wren's Nest tag.

Here's hoping any nonsense in them can be overlooked or forgiven; they were written when I was among friends, and intended for our writing site, so there are bits of silliness everywhere. :)

From Forks, Back Home

If nothing else, Stephenie Meyer got me reading entire books again. Fiction, at that. Clawing my way back from teenager-vampire stories, I read Pride and Prejudice (and then promptly sat down and watched the movie until the wee hours of the morning), and now have been engrossed in Silas House novels. I want to get my hands on more Kentucky writing; in fact, I need to do that.

I want to see what is out there, learn more about place and voice. And of course, who would mind camping out with a stack of Wendell Berry to read?